What Would I Be Testo

Testo What Would I Be

No diamonds would be bought by this man
If I took a lucky strike and hit the jackpot
Would I rot in hell or prosper
Cottontail the offer
Or just plot to tell the officer
Of the demons in the missions that I've been in
Let us keep continuing
Say the bank account was millions
And I lived in a skyscraping building with high ceilings
Would I fall to the bottom where the serpent catches prey
In the form of spending money frivolous each and every day?
Would I give it to the homeless or go buy a house in the Bay?
I know I'd pay my mama's mortgage, helping out the family
Take it to the next century, build a solid foundation beneath me
I don't think I'd be stupid with it, I'd just handle it generously
Curiosity killed the cat
Just think about that when you got the fat stacks
And can't find your way back
Bottom line is music is my number one
And nothing made of paper can cut through my vapor
Vibrations stabilize my able eyes

[Chorus: N8 and Eligh]
Who would I be with money?
What would I do?
Would I stay true?

[N8 the GR8]
Who wants to be a millionaire? Me!
Is that your final answer? I'm pretty sure it might be
Matter a fact, the fatter the stack
The more likely to see us ahead of the pack like fleas
Get a house, pay my debts, and my spouse
And my Moms, a couple of cars that run the college fund
Fix my teeth, lace my peeps, fulfill the dreams that made this beat
It'll be strange at first I think, but I'll adjust fine
Make my money worth my time and all of us shine
Invest in my friends' success, independent
I'm blessed to still be in my skin so stop trippin'
Would if I could but we're good so we can't
No matter how ugly of a picture its paint
Leave a stain with my small frame
Ain't got a damn thang
Nothin' to lose and everything to gain
[Chorus x2]

[The Grouch]
Now if you literally had a million in the bank
Who would you thank? Would you do crank?
How would you paint
A picture to fit the dreams you dreamt your whole life?
Exempt from old strife
Would you know pain's name anymore?
You came in the door with just a shirt on
Now you have a name brand suit to kick dirt on
Word on the street's you keep the cash on you
East of California, peeps they flash on ya
Bodyguards for yards and autographs for days
A lot of laughs and lays, I wouldn't pass I'd play
Looking glass my way and I can see futures
Powerful business and little Grouch juniors
Figure out sooner not later how major
Plug yourself in as a player, cry later
I'll take my advance now, spend it on a chance to just that
Not a chain to enhance style when my homies are broke
You most be lonely, no folks, or just a joke.

[Chorus x2]

If you're in the search of the treasure
Walkin' pathways of pleasure
And pain is the only way to gain a thang
You can count on me to remain the same
Maintain, see I'm here to only lace your brain with game
Sustain finances substantially growin' annually
Residuals for individuals who plan to be rich
Instead of diggin' a ditch
No way a felon, so listen closely to everything I'm sellin'
If that's what it's all about
Chasin' the fame and clout
Listen, your first mission is just to turn the party out
Be sure to keep writin' flows, providing exciting shows
For all those in attendance
Bear witness to every sentence
Keep dodging opposition and remember to stay focused
Form like locus on hopeless, forever displaying dopeness
And hope this encourages all to get up off they asses
Passes to the masses
Before the scene collapses
The fact is we need more support from our sport
Of course I soar because I pour it with force