Make Way Testo

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Testo Make Way

Something's got a hold on me
Drowning I can’t barely drink oh
Smoking I can barely breathe
Chopping up the royalty (oh)

They said that it’s a cold world
I tell them its my own world
And I’m about to pick the whole thing up

You scare me
Cause there’s something darker hiding in disguise
Reminds me
That I’m exposed to be eaten alive

These cycles are liable
To go in circles, round about
What’s this about
Same drug different mouth
Same in different out
(This is my handle, this is my spout)
Now that’s I’m all steamed up
Just tip me over and pour me out

Gettin down and po'in up 3X
This ain't what you really want (repeat)

Pain leaves the body and the spirit wits
Substitute some whiskey for the Tylenol
Gotta keep this deal on going
If you feelin how I feel

So quit telling me you feel me
Cause can’t nobody feel
And quit telling us we’re famous
Cause we ain’t go no deal
And even if we did man
Then the industry ain’t real
Like I’m drinking and I’m driving
But my hand ain’t on the wheel
And I’m pressing on the gas
Cause I guess nobody will