One More Smile Testo

Testo One More Smile

Just give me 1 more smile, I'll see you in a while on the other side
speaking 4 the now, when the sun arise, butter flies reaching in the
clouds, until we meet again my friend the end just can't be now. (x2)

Its only the start your soul lives on, through the hearts of those left n
keeping it strong, though the water may be deep and the weather may
be cold, every chance i get to speak, i know your blessing what i told,
and i know the waves embrace you with the water flowing slow cause
the home is where the heart is and the heart is where you go, a soldier
loved by many and he's marching to the light, a smile that overpowers
all the hardships that we fight, a candle burns for your life and the
world turns its sad it had to happen but we learn from your terms,
before i let it go before i let it pass theres one thing that I've got to


now I'm siting here scencing the presence and in its essence its in i
reckon to do that i greatly respect and my recollection of southern
ventures that cause intervention now he's in the next dimension other
whys known as heaven and I'm proud to have known him my glow with
the notion that he's with us all looking down at this moment my heart
feels broken so many words left unspoken F*** it, Take me Why do
you have to be the one that was chosen, but now the forces are good
I'm smiling down cause your surfing on rainbows and floating on
clouds until we meet again my friend until the end I'm gonna ask of
you to send me . . . .
Chorus: (x2)