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Testo All For It

(feat. Charlie Hanseen, Dumo (S.A.C.), Ms. Tee)

[Charlie Hanseen: talking]
Oh you ready?

[Ms. Tee]
Oh I'm all for it, I'm all for it

[Charlie Hanseen]
My nigga, that was yo first strike, you ready for war?
You done met yo match, 'cause one of us gone die tonight
My life, my life, my life, or yo life
With them choppers in our hand, I bet you lose the gun fight
One empty cannon, dead bodies expand, dicks get knocked in the dirt
We made a murder mayhem, 6th Ward, 9th Ward nigga
Who got the most killers, what you want on yo tombstone?
Dedicated to Chopper City, U.P.T. we hit 'em, dead bodies we split 'em
Wannabees got with 'em, too late, we did 'em in, with the mack 10
Yes my little friend, I'm all for it nigga when I spin yo fuckin' bin

[Chorus: Charlie Hanseen]
I'm all for it when I spin yo fuckin' bin
Another dead nigga when I come to bust yo head
I'm all for it when I spin yo fuckin' bin
Another dead nigga when I come to bust yo head

I'm all for it when I spin yo fuckin' bin
Another dead nigga when I come to bust yo head
I'm all for it when I spin yo fuckin' bin
You's another dead nigga, I'm comin' to bust yo head nigga

Meet me on the battlefield, where its kill or be killed
On the real, hustlin' is the skills, pack the steel
When I come, hollow tips, they hum, pre-meditated redrum
Bodies left numb, from a 50 round drum, for fun
So you dumber or dumb, you wouldn't last where I'm from, son, see
I'll snatch your windpipe, watch you die slow, told you once before
Won't be played like a hoe, got much back-up from that 5+4
My Cartel, Untouchable, S.A.C. Mafio
All about the gold, strapped with calicos
Kick in your door, lace you on the floor
You know, I'm all for it when I bring it
Ski mask way, when its tinted, your body's gettin' dented, I'mma mack 10 him
In 10 different, pieces, when I greet ya, dub ya peice out, re-greet ya
If ya bout it, but you's a hoe so I doubt it, me and my team come rowdy
Five thousand deep, cause we strong
Step into that danger zone, bitch you wouldn't live long
Lil' daddy, I do you wrong, autograph yo tombstone, ya dig
And I'm goin', on vacation with Capone, nigga


I'm off the ??? dirt, in the all black hearse
besta shoot first, or yo family won't hurt
When I twerk, I work, on the regular
these boys are predators, boy I'm tellin' ya
Ya besta be ready when I bring it, ain't no such thang as bo-jangin'
Hit and ward bangin', your brains'll be hangin' on the pavement
You besta run soulja, or you gettin' done in

[Charlie Hanseen]
From all that frontin', rep huntin', bitch I spin yo bin
You get plucked, thats nothin', so, everybody dies instantly
You sneak when we creep, they panic when we leave, faces on fresh T's
With ease, A nigga done hit yo turf then flees
Away in the wind, good day my enemies, smoke from the weeds, we leave no trace
When them bullets pluck like knuckles to yo motherfuckin face
FBI's on my case, like O.J.'s car chase
cause a nigga ??????? duct tape, I'm all for it

I'm all for it biotch, for you niggaz with beef, back you up with this piece
Forty, forty, N.O.P.D., here come them boys in blue, what the fuck they gone do?
None of my niggaz ain't gone let y'all boys jump out them too
???? coppers can't fade me, pussy niggaz eliminated, S.A.C. Maf' affiliated
Made niggaz, we finally made it, the block is to rampage
So we all for it bitch, niggaz talkin' all that shit, but then we bring that shit
And for you niggaz in the game, then you gotta be true
Lil' boy talkin' ?????? and it's all on you

[Dumo: talking]
I'm all for it biotch, S.A.C. Mafia, UTC, Downtown
The way we bring it, Chopper City, ain't no protection
Sessamilia, Fila Phil, Charlie Hanseen, Big ?????
L.O.G., UTC, U.C.

[Ms. Tee]
I'm all for it