Sinking Underground Testo

Testo Sinking Underground

You knew where to go when you found me
Come to ground me
You shed your skin and
Throw your arms around me
I picture you, I’m taken
We wrestle with temptation
Oh, it's always entertaining
I ran into someone he said he knew your name
He said he’s loved before, but loving is a losing game
So tell me, did you mean to let me off for once?
You never say it, but I caught your love
I’m sick of needing someone I can talk to
But I couldn’t bear it if I lost you

I was barely 18, not a thing has changеd

Listen for me, baby
I can feel you sinking underground
Kick a couplе memories
Out the bed and keep me on the line
Love is like a mirror
I can see you, boy, yeah all the time