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Testo What You Say

(feat. Christopher)

What You Say?
Just What We Need
What Did She Say?

[Verse 1:]
Ayo a lot of people ask me
How could I let her pass me
How could I let a classy girl
That never harass me
Shorty was never sassy
Me, being so young and flashy
Stuntin' like the girl never had me
Can't say I was twisted
But the heaven in my life, I was gifted
But it's funny how the whole thing shifted
Like a 5-speed stickshift
Ain't lying, homie
God as my witness,
When I had her
Everyday was like Christmas
I stayed on the getless
I stayed number one on the wishlist
If I lose her, I ain't ready to risk it
You walking away
Ain't no way I find the cure for the sickness
The only way to stop the pain is the biscuit
Suicidal is vital, I wouldn't lie to you now
You was my idol, whether you ridin' or not
And maybe because my title, I reside in the drop
But what'd you tell me, girl?

What did she say?
What you say?
I know I didn't hear what I thought I heard coming from your lips
What you say?
We've come too far to just let it end like this
What you say?
What did she say?

[Verse 2:]
Baby, you left me devastated
Because you never hesitated
You said you made it harder than it is supposed to be
Tighter than a priest holding on a rosary
But instead I'm slippin'
Can't feel you holding me
The crack's been revealed
The facts can't conceal
The fact I'm for real
I'm back at your will
You're havin' your way, girl
Have a good day
But tell me what did she say?

What could possess you to make you want to give up on our love?
It's driving me crazy trying to figure out what the hell happened to us
I'll always be your man
You'll always be my baby
And I don't understand what you're saying to me
I don't think I heard you right now, baby
What you say?