Fruits Of Babylon Testo

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Testo Fruits Of Babylon

I grew from Babylon soil, born to consume and destroy.
I know that cash is king, I breath cocaine, bleed oil.
Made to rise above all, success' my ultimate goal.
I'm a do what it takes, and bring you down if a fall.
Handle my business with war, attack the poor, while praising the lord.
Raised to be raw, but act polite - for the show.
Let the cameras roll, I got no doubts or regrets.
Live off thousands of deaths, keep no promises - only threats
You politicians preaching your vision of the truth.
Never cared about us and our point of view
cus your campaigns only promote the killing fields.
Children cry but you don't hear, people die but you can't see
cus war is big biz the big guys get rich
livin' off the poor and gain money on sick kids.
It's a show for those who can afford the price
but turn that shit off I won't let you gamble with my life!

We don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows. We don't need your politicians to know which way to go. We don't need your teachers, leave the kids alone, and we don't need the poisonous fruits of Babylon

Babylon - always recruiting plotting. Babylon - but yo, my crew been watching. Babylon - and if your roots forgotten. Babylon - then your fruits will rotten.

I drink away the pain, on top of the food chain.
The fast life, fast lane, view people as loose change.
Piss champagne, not really hungry - but I'm eating,
Grow fat for no reason, and though it's hot, my hearts freezing
Look into the mirror do you see what I see?
I'm a reflection of your actions and will always be
the result of your plans, the breed of your scams,
and I'll forever be a prisoner of your land
Hey, I'm the good guy, modern man, enlightened, I understand.
Y'all don't seem to get it, why should I care about a foreign land?
You with me or against me, fight for the love of money.
Join me in this good life, sell your soul for blood money


I don't vote, I cut a politician's throat.
Hang him with the same rope as I do the pope,
cus I see the hope in the eyes of our children.
I won't go for your bribes of your millions,
cus I see no future in the lies and the killings.
We all saw what happened to financial buildings.
It's all for a reason whether right or wrong,
somebody felt their people had been dying to long.
Revenge, retaliation and stupid pride
on both sides. So we keep losing lives -
worldwide. I sing this one for our mothers,
take a sec to recollect just how much they love us...