Thief Testo

Testo Thief

Chorus 2x:
I Gotta say piece to the thieves
Looking over their shoulders when they're walkin down the street
We've got to even out the worlds economy (How we do that!?)
With a little bit of larceny

Push up five fingers in the air if you're down with five finger discount
Hold up Embee let me just count, one, two, three, four... plus some more
Thieves down we're running from the man-made law
If laws make man then I'm not human, run over animal beat-boxes
Big up people sleepin in boxes in the concrete jungle, to get my shit in a bundle
No time to make mistakes no time to fumble
You gotta plan your racking-mission with precision
Recognition is no good in this business
Listen, equipment depends on what the situation requires
You gotta be able to shoplift in any attire
My personal favourite though is my specially designed jacket
With two big pockets on the inside, summertime means bad business for petty crimes
Might only wear a t-shirt still have to rack in your waistline
This great rhyme you heard from the great vine
If they're askin you for names don't you dare to say mine
Say word, I hear ads tellin me to join the retail-revolution, fuck that I stick to boastin
All my way out to Dj Erase in Fittja, listen in da sizzla
Telling the store-owner to tell it some more
Youth man-hungry time to settle the score, that's why...


(time to dress up in our best rackin-clothes) from Promoe's "Spraycan stories"
(you can catch me in the store rackin up) from Promoe's "Poor lonesome homeboy"
(I'm just tryin to live and get my cut) from Looptroop's "Biggest Hustle"

It all started with spraycans defacing the community
A can is ten or fifteen bucks they wanna ruin me
If somebody sues me after this song I'll laugh
You ain't got shit on my ass, not even half
To steal, you gotta have nerves of cold steel
Gotta know when to move, gotta know when to hold still
You know chill wait for the right moment

Gotta learn to separate the cool ones from the informants
With the store-owners you don't want eye contact
In the worst case you might have to put the stuff back
Fuck that, it's kind of rough to rack
But Im'a keep use of my hands 'til they cuff them back
Stop my shirt in my pants and strap the belt tight
Big coat on top of that fill my back with all I might
Hopefully I'm alright no alarms I beg
If everything else fails I got a good pair of legs
You heard that in spraycan stories but here's another one
Nothing spectacular, a daily operation
We went inside the store, rather big mall
Rolls of films, batteries, spraycans I took it all
Headin' for the exit but something wasn't right
So I turned to my man and was like:
Let's drop this shit, it ain't worth the risk
What do you know they called the coppers that later came to frisk
Us, but now we had nothing on us
They press charges but they got nothing on us
Still, shit like this might make me a bit shaky
But at the end of the day I gotta say peace


(and go shoplifting x4)

(time to dress up in our best rackin-clothes)
(you can catch me in the store rackin up)
(I'm just tryin to live and get my cut)

One more story I don't hesitate to glorify
Rule number one: you gotta learn how to lie
Deny everything 'cause the best evidence
Actually comes from your own statements so,
Stick to friends with the same mind frame
Or they might rat you out and you take the whole blame
Like me, got busted when I was just a minor
Two cases of liquor the kids I rolled with was vagina
They dropped the dime and I had no experience
Cried after the hearing though they had no evidence
But ever since that only once I got caught
Running from cops instead of playing sports
That ain't something I'm proud of that's just something I do
I don't really have to justify my actions to you
But go ahead cast the first stone
Then when your glasshouse has shattered leave me alone
But check it, I take from the rich give to myself
To me it's property, that's the greatest theft
Cause I don't rack up and stack up in a big warehouse
Trying to make a profit sellin in out
I just take what I need to make it through the week
But it don't matter what I say so I won't speak no more,
Trying to convince you of my innocence
I'll just stick to being a thief.. Forgive my sins

Chorus x2