Tears Of A Rose Testo

Testo Tears Of A Rose

Swim across these oceans, I'll swim across these seas
Will not forsake the air I'll gently cease to breathe

Drink you till my thirst subsides
Hide in you till all of my fears die
Dry my tears and let us abide
Hold you sweet and dear by my side

Crawl on my knees to reach your body's sweet content
Reach out the palm of your gentle hand
Shelter me beyond the rains and storms
Carry me lifeless I won't cry at all
Believe in these words as they fill up this pain
Pure and real
In your shadows they awake

I drowned in you, I lost the shore
And shadows fell, the sky no more
My hope is lost, downcast and blue
Collect my tears as tears of a rose I'd cry for you.

Like thirsty leaves of swaying trees
Dying now to finally be free
Dry your tears and let us abide
Hold me sweet and dear by your side

Promise once to still remember me.

A breath away, I fell through you
I fell through you, my breath away...

© Rose 2008