Pain Remains III: In A Sea Of Fire Testo

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Testo Pain Remains III: In A Sea Of Fire

Cursed by this apparition
Destined to take its place
A ceaseless existence born of my dream state
Manifested and pressed into sand
You've long been cemented
Distracted, impacted by the weight of the world
If this is everything then
I don't want to cut the swathe
Let the flames rise and bury me within this fog
An echo, a murmur -
A broken melody
I let go of my life but you were just a dream

I'll throw myself into the fire and burn away
Ridding this flesh of burden and pray I suffocate

I'll salt the earth in this crimson blaze
This world will burn in my fall from grace
Witness the death of God
Hear the devil's choir as I leave the stage
In a sea of fire

If this is all I am then what's the point
Of pacing life
Everything that I made became a waste of time
Expressive, depressive
I'm caught up in a lie
Decisive, enticive
I'd rather fucking die
I'll damn this world to a sea of flames
Forsake the ground and let it bury me
You were nothing but a shackle
Now I can breathe
Let this fire rain down and bury me in a sea of flame
Forsake the ground the let it bury me
Let this fire rain down and damn this world

Fuck this existence
Bring me back to where it all began in the fall
Wake me up before I lose it all

This is my epilogue - my soliloquy
Take this broken melody straight to the grave

Dancing like flames
After all that I've done
I'll salt the earth and disappear in a sea of fire