I'm Out Testo

Testo I'm Out

Yeah, uh, like uh yeah
This is an...I'm highly intoxicated
Catered to get you hated just face I know you faded
The fact I'm your lady favorite she shows me your dedication
I take a dip in the basin setting the soul on fire
Bought a car on the street gave it the name desire
Was barely making the payments in depths of my own greatness
These Egyptian women with lenses she wanna
Fuck with a nigger that offended you killers
Couple a cousins hustle, brothers that turned hipsters
Look who I'm looking up to, young dumb and corrupted
But fuck it I still love it uh
And I was going through some family shit
Now I'm going to the places where the Grammy's it
Rip cars, the alarms, horses carriages
Now I understand what this realm really is
My niggers always ask why you let these killers Chris
It feels like sometime you never gave a shit
A year ago music started to change
I refuse to come forth these niggers riding the way
With one foot in the grave
Career suicide but who am I to judge?
Did it for the love Megas mark in the park
With me and my blood, same nigger as are we now
For when it all begun
This love that I'm still living this tribute that still deliver
We can't pack us from me to you
While I stare at the mirror, the real is looking back
Got my foot up on a pedal with no intentions of looking back
And I'm out