My Love This Song Is For You Testo

Testo My Love This Song Is For You

Whenever I fall
Taking all the chances I can
I put my world in your command

I'm back in the dark
And far from taking that path
Again, to where we shine in the face
Of all that's to come
Saying 'my love, this song is for you'
I lie in the space of daydreams gone wrong
Thinking 'my love, what happened to you?'

And standing up tall
Taller, learning my glow
Living in light I made on my own
You do as you please
Go be a slave to your mind
All of the while

I'll be bright with the light of ten thousand fires
That burn in a place that you can't analyze
High on a wave and far from that stage
Leaving the play and the madness behind

Love isn't thought
And it's not just a place to call home
Love isn't pain
Or a face you can own
Love isn't touch
Not the crutch of a shoulder to lean on
You're gone, but it's not