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Testo Deli

I weren't outside twiddling thumbs
I was really outside tryna fiddle with drums (Uh-uh)
Yeah, I know about pain cah I been in the slums (Yes, yes)
On smoke when I'm with all my bros
And I still keep it G on my ones (Uh-uh)
Loaded guns, I've been on that block with loaded ones (Grr, baow)
Free all the homies doin' up life
Real life, nigga, you don't wanna lose your life
No hype, nigga, you don't want hype
Free J, free Grips one time (Free 'em)
All the get back's home due time
My friends do it on sight
Nigga, how you gon' take man's shine?

Don't get it twisted 'cause of the music (Don't)
I still bruck shot like Teddy (Boom)
I was out tryna ching man's chest and belly (Ching)
Beat that mash like a fuckin' jezzie (Beat that)
I got a cutie in pum pum shorts (Yes)
She just wanna take D up in her belly (All up in her—, all up in her)
We up on the board by many (Too much points)
Opp blocks, it was mask on my face like Freddy (Mask on my face)
I seen bare man shake like jelly (Yes, yes)
All of that talk gets boring, prove it (Prove it)
Get the drop then go get ready (Get the drop)

War, man's ready (Wee)
Get the bro's, man's air, man's ready (Wee, wee)
Them man, we don't penny (No)
But they pour that Henny (Yeah, yeah)
She wanna be my baby (Yeah)
But I fell in love with reddies (Yeah)
Free JB, on your block like Jenny
Car tryna speshy and boss eye headie (That way, that way)
Far from petty, gang slid on the L and got R, not Kelly (Woi, woi)
Swish or dunk on punks, man get real close, I don't know about sweaties (Woof, woof)
You get me? Five man deep in this ride, get sweaty
Tekky, we don't really fuck with many (No)
Ready to crash on any (Boo)

Brown one, she a wetty (Bad one)
Watch this bad one come to the deli (Come to the deli)
And bro's got the lengest of food, no deli's (Peng)
GB's, man shelly (Get back)
We done shut down shows already (Yes)
Beef, got plenty but man's ready
Man's still got a grip that's steady (Grip that, drop that)
Cute and feisty (Yes)
Big batty, she ain't got no belly (Fat as fuck)
This L pack come quiet
Biscotti when I smoke that zeggie (Loud as fuck)
Run man down and ching it (Yes)
Do it like I did it already (Uh-uh)
BIll that after I count up racks (Rackers)
Wake and bake, I ain't had no brekkie

Right now, man's high
But I'm tryna get higher (Woi)
Liar (Uh), pants on fire (Yeah)
Bro bro back that frier (Woi)
And let that sing like Mariah
Don't take the mick like Danny Dyer
Go down, minor, minor (Woi)
Well-known rider
Little bit of fame, don't let it excite ya (Grr)
Back that blade and knife for any little ting that's tryna get hyper
I ain't been no typer
Fly OT, lick shots like Schneider
Tied down, me and them man can't size up
My mind's up, I don't like them man either