Earth To Sea Testo

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Testo Earth To Sea

I'm new as a cloud
I light up as neon
Where will you go?
Where will you go? Just say it
You can let go

I heard of a legend
And that’s where I go
If my sister calls
Tell her I'm diving into the deeper end

To the edge of wonder
Where the wire stretches
'Cause where I go
’Cause where I go it's trembling
'Cause where you go
'Cause where you go it's haunted
Goodbye stranger

I heard of a legend
Where the others go
If my sister calls
Tell her I love her
Until the end of us
To the living dreams
I think I'm falling into the deeper end

Hidden fortress
Happy to see you
Now when I scream
No one can hear me
The deeper end
I fucking love it
Ooh, oh
Release your soul
Before you know it
May all of me
Be forgotten