Borderline Testo

Testo Borderline

This wasn't in a lake, deep water, This wasn't under falling rain This wasn't in a mental corner You've slept away the time in vain Wasn't it the pidgeon killer? Wasn't it the calling sinner? Wasn't it that trust in blind, In that you never change your mind. It's written on the greatest building Many wishes for a grey new year If you've following the lonesome highway Prepare for war, that's what you hear Isn't it the frontier honey? Isn't it the lovely money? Isn't it the brand new car? Ride on and take this pretty far. This time is passing by It has gone away to shine Are you ready to leave Cut the borderline We're living in a red world thunder, We're living in a suitcase blind. We're living on a passport island, You pay for easy customs sign. We're visitors not bolder need humor for peace Giving nature a cold shoulder And can't forgive with a kiss.