I Had A Dream Testo

Testo I Had A Dream

Now there was a fool in this night Now there is an morning on your side Now there is a dream coming back And stands so lonesome in my head What was so coloured, but also sad What was so nice and also bad What was so green without a view I feel exactly that it's true The name is a frame which never paint The name is so coloured and so untamed The name if it's hot without a shame The name is the unequalled wish of your name I had a dream, I had a dream of the world In your arms, hold me in your arms Now there was a night without a dream Now there is a hole in between Now why are the dreams coming back And give me your coloured replay of your head Why has the dark obtained my heart Without your name it comes apart You made my dreams so reach and wide Give me your coloured replay in your wise I love your, I love you twice