Necessary Testo

Testo Necessary

Paint it black nevertheless A running gag to success Spitting time all it's mine Cruel thes day will not go under Talk to me, please talk to me, Anything talk to be free This cups of coffee will be gone In whose contents I will drown You are promising for me That's necessary Like the summer on the sea That's necessary Shifting sands under feet That's necessary You are promising for me The prophets in the puddle kneel Do answer out of spittle meal Mother takes her bike in heaven That faster, find her man till seven This old blind in the dark I've never seen if not a spark In my heart a little tender You say yes and he will surrender Nevertheless I need your adress Bells are ringing without success That's a matter of constant pain I through the doubt in the garbage can This is not a weeping song Not a look to be strong This is hide and high and higher It will burn through the amplifier Your track will follow and obscure Before I leave, I must be sure Can you remember this moment in haze But I can remember your pretty face