Sucka Testo

Testo Sucka

Soft, butter, tan, get it all night
White bitches linin' up all white
Dope fiends noddin' 'til the sun's up
Patek got me feelin' like it's alright
Lookin' like a rainbow, hunded flow
Couple bands down 'case you wanna know
The boys start snitchin' and the dogs start sniffin'
Gotta shut shit down and the money go
Molly in the weed with the mash-up
Do it for the gram 'til they capture
Credit wasn't there and my niggas didn't care
Had the money bags, niggas put the cash up
Don't tell 'em shit when they ask us
Few model things that I passed up
Wraith out sittin' and the loud start kickin'
And this mothafuckin' shit gon' add up
This mothafuckin' shit gon' add up
This mothafuckin' shit gon' add up

Vegas at the table with my new chick
5 and 32, bring a new whip
Nah I ain't fuckin' up the re-up
This 20K came from a new flip
Got mine, got bonkers, went stupid
All this Balmain shit came exclusive
Did Arenas for the weather but my 1's look better
I'm just tryna get a feel, boy I do's this
In the town for the night, what it's hitting for
Ball player, budget, baby pick a sport
Beans hittin' cuff and they tryna see what's up
I'm like "Nah baby girl I need a different whore"
Witness firsthand when we ball out
I plan to spend it all 'til it's all out
They say I'm actin' funny once a nigga got money
Like damn my nigga, what you tal'm 'bout?
Damn my nigga, what you tal'm 'bout?
Damn my nigga what you tal'm 'bout?