I´ll Never Forget Testo

Testo I´ll Never Forget

I'd never believe that you ment to me so much that i can't be alone i'd never believe when you left me that i'll ever gonna wait you home How every single night and every single day i try to find a way to you i'm gonna say to you words so true Chorus: I'll never forget,what you've given me i'll never forget our love i'll never forget,what you mean to me i'll never except that you're so far I know that our love is hiding i wanna be in that flame again just you can free my wings for flying just you can free my soul from pain my dreams will come true 'coz all i need is you i know the road will be so long but my hope will keep me strong Chorus My love is strong enough to wait you all my life and i will always miss your touch i hope you will be mine