Lucky (Interlude) Testo

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Traduzione di Lucky (Interlude) bandiera italia

Testo Lucky (Interlude)

They say, "How she do that? How she do?"
If you only knew, yeah, if you only knew the
The other half that's out of you
If I made it look easy, you've been fooled

How do you live an honest life
When nobody wants the truth?
When you're dancing on thin ice
And nobody can see through
I'ma count my stars, cross my heart
Feel like I'm lost, but I'm still lucky
When it's hard, it's all love
And I'm against the odds, but I'm still lucky
When I wanna run from here
Always stop myself at the door
'Cause I been through worse than this
Yeah, trust me, I'm lucky, ah
I'm lucky, oh, ooh