Net Hauling Song Testo

Testo Net Hauling Song

Net Hauling SongIt's muscle me boy's get you up on the deckAnd take up your stations for hauling the netsAnd mind up all together lads's all through the nightAnd shaking your oilskins until it's daylightWith a heave and a haul and a shaking of net'sIt's when we're at hauling we living on hopeThe boy in the locker the lad's on the ropesThe fellows in the hold to our hauling the net'sAnd shaking the herring out on to the deckWith a heave and a haul and the shaking of net'sIt's net after net we pull up from the seaWith a haul and a shake and a one, two and threeThe herring are repelling around our sea bootsAnd sliddering and sliding down into the shootsWith the heave and the haul and the shaking of net'sIt's hour after hour we are hauling awayAll through the long night till the dawn of the dayThe captain is in the wheelhouse he's on the orthyAnd the cook's and the galley are brewing the teaAnd we're heaving and hauling and shaking of net'sNow the season is over so be on your wayAnd head for the homeport to sign for your payYour misses will be waiting to welcome you homeIt's so hard for a wife to be so much aloneAnd you're finished with heaving and hauling of nets