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Testo Back To My Mission

i feel ya
I don't know what to say
That's how it's going down?

Woke up one mornin 'bout 6 o'clock
Dick still smellin' like spit n cock
Beeper vibratin' like a nympho sex toy
It's time to collect, them hoes got they checks boy
But on my way out the motel room the bitch said
'Dre, why must you go so soon'?
Thinkin' about the night before and how she licked me
I bounced back in so I could get me a quicky

Dick hard as ten pounds of frozen neckbones
I got my wreck on and got the heck on
Droppin' a hoe off, you know I had to show off
I burnt rubber and the bitch tried to go off
But all I did was laugh, like she was a joke
Hit the gas, and left her ass in smoke
Strikin' in my Chevrolet you know I had to smash it
Dippin' and dodgin', makin' my way through traffic
Marily marily, marily marily i go,
looked in the rearview, damn
it's 5-0
Once again pullin' me over for the jack up
In my mirror I can see him callin' back up
But I ain't goin' out like no sucka
Put the pedal to the metal and smoked the mothafucka
Stopped at the store on Sacramento and Tennessee
Got a pack of zig-zags and a fifth of hennessy
Percin' off the dank and the drank connection
It's back to my mission nigga, bank collection

Back to my mission
Back to my mission
Back to my mission

Rollin' in my old school Lincoln, drinkin'
Joint between my lips and dankin', sinkin'
Deep in the seat, with the beat on the down-low
But I ain't trippin' on the way it really sound though
I got down ho, ready to hit the track
And bring back fat stack of them greenbacks
Hit the stroll but before i let her go
I let her know, she's nothing but my ho
4 was the time on my wristwatch
grabbed the phone, turned it on, cause i just got
a motherfuckin' beep from a freak on another strip
Get the hennessy and I take me another sip
Call the bitch back and she's ready, to kick down
What she made, from just gettin' dick down
Bounce to the spot where my hoe does work
See her in a skirt and a see-through shirt
Pull her off the track and I don't say shit
'Cause all I wanna hear is that purse unzip
Lookin' at the bitch with the pimpish grin
Feelin like the mac as my hoe kicks in
Let the bitch out, start unloadin' my cut
Let the 15's slam and I'm fuckin em up
They can't understand how I bounce my head
Smokin' on a joint at a light that's red
Niggas can't be me but they wish they could
The light turned green and I hit the hood
See my homeboy Don in a '74
The rollers got him jacked but they lettin' him go
Catch up with him at the light
Said 'what's up cuddie, party at tonight'?
He said 'it's goin on playa at the afterdark
and there's a house party bumpin in college park'
Playa waved to my homie then I split from the scene
It's back to my mission nigga, gettin' the green

Back to my mission
Back to my mission

Late one night, I drove my Brome to the burger spot
Stepped in all I saw was a herd of cock
Went in my pocket, came out with the yack bottle
Twist the cap then I took me a fat swallow
All I could smell was cock in the air
And I can tell by they stare they was jockin' the playa
Went to the counter ordered burger and milkshake
The girl standin' behind me was thick with silk fake
Hair that looked the real but she had looks to kill
I Stepped back and gave the broad my spill
Told her my name and she couldn't believe it
Kept spittin' game til I peelt her weave back
She recognized the playa and she knew I was major
Gave her the number to my Pactel pager
Snatched my grub, then I hopped in my town car
And let them landstars slam, and pound hard
Honked at the hutch when I cut from the scene
Then it's back to my mission nigga
gettin' the green

Back to my mission
Back to my mission