Love Dat Donkey Testo

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Testo Love Dat Donkey

ya love that donkeeeeey (DONKEY)
ya gotta have that donkeeeeey
ya love that donkeeeeey (can't live without it)
can't live without that donkeeeeey yeeaaaah

i remember we playin hide and go get it
back in the days girl ya wasn't wit it(?)
then you started wearing tight jeans on your hips
and cherry red lipstick on your lips
you really started loving to be with the guys
but you still wasn't ??? you was teasing the guys
but niggas got mad and started dissing
which drove you to do somethin more than kissing
it happened one night, after the flick
your boyfriends dick was smooth on brick
he licked ya ear, kissed ya neck,
and got ya virgin pussy smooth drippin wet
ya said "stoooop! im not ready"
"besides, we in the back of a chevy"
but he kept on
he didn't even beg
slipped his middle finger between ya legs
when he played witcha cak, ya started to moan
from that point, he knew it was on
thirty long minutes you got g'd
he destroyed some shit and smooth made ya bleed

you's was fuckin and fuckin
g'in and g'in
even did the ???? ??? when ya pussy was bleedin
then one day ya man got popped
yer lil cak got real hot
hotter than hot girl i mean bakin!
then came the day ya started snakin
found a young brotha ya thought was cute
chased the donkey on high pursuit
threw the cak like a ????
like a wide receiver my man went deep
just a little deeper than ya man did
and when he was done he left ya butt stranded


you didn't trip, it was worth it
he made ya orgasm, cum so perfect
went to the hood and told all his friends
then the word got back to the penn
and when ya man came home he didn't greet ya
put on some leather gloves and smooth beat ya
ya got a black eye and a busted lip
but that nigga got two hollow tips
one to the leg and one to the chest
he mighta lived, if he wore a vest
now because of you shit got funky
just because your freaky ass had to have that donkey


now ya all grown up and ya still a fein
a lady like you aint nothin clean
twenty-four hours on a dick prowl
the only difference is ya lick now
ya learned to fuck, plus get paid
donkey and money hmmmm ya got it made
yeeah, some dick in ya cool
pussy much deeper than the richardson pool
from city to city girl you be lookin
if you really look at it, girl ya hookin
but you aint trippin, ya rollin the benz
fresh wardrobe and plenty of ends
and now ya run with all the women
that just gotta have that dick in em
it used to be called the hot chick squad
but now ya called..the get dick squad!
get dick squad...get dick squad...
just gotta have donkey in ya cak, in ya cak
ya gotta have that donkey in ya cak
ya don't stop girl, ya don't stop girl
ya gotta have that donkey in ya cak girl
ya don't stop girl, ya don't stop girl
ya gotta have that donkey in ya cak girl (cak girl...cak girl)

(some nonsense haha)

mike get busy for me one time:

donkey here and donkey there
girl ya gettin donkey every where
fuckin it, teasin it, lickin it, squeezing it,
fuckin till ya get enough
don't need love in ya life
too nasty to be your wife
hey hey heeeeeeeey
let me hear ya say donkey
girl ya want some donkey
let me hear ya say donkey
that funky donkey, funky donkey x2