Dancing On A Weeknight Testo

Testo Dancing On A Weeknight

Some prick at the back thinks he's funny,
Chatting up your girlfriend and calling her honey.
Angular haircut and trouser puff waist,
Eighty pound t-shirt that looks cut and paste.
Trustfund hipsters, trustfund scenesters,
Flit like flies, look like brothers and sisters.
Trustfund hipsters, trustfund scenesters,
Slumming it from their house in Hampshire.

If I wanted trilby's I'd watch Emmerdale,
I want rock & roll, not a mid 50's male.

Don't look at the band, but look at the crowd,
A name on the net will do you proud.
One band playing 4 nights in a row,
putting taste trust in someone you don't know.
Crooning boy and screeching girl,
You know the plot, watch the story unfurl.
Generic looks and generic tunes,
Come on surprise me, bring me into the room.

If I wanted disco beats I'd watch the Bee Gees,
I want rock & roll not the 1970's.

Dancing on a weeknight,
You'll be lucky. (x8)

Top 50's handed out like cake,
Didn't get one, can't your label pay?
Tour a band in the back of a van,
Next time round the whole shebang.
10's to 1000's over night
You didn't sell enough, your future's not bright.
A big fat wallet for all to see,
Not put together but forced to be