Legion Of Stoopid Testo

Testo Legion Of Stoopid

It's time to choose
just don't fall for another ruse
you only lose
watch as they abuse
You keep it up
And you're only asking for Moore
you need to stop
believing they work for (you)

As time goes
The lies unfold
But once you know
you forget what you were told

They twist and redefine
The truth they tell is true to them only
They claim divine
And assemble at the frontlines
You're out of line
if you question or speak your mind
they want you blind
Stupid and behind

What to believe?
Nowhere in sight in industry
can you receive
without being deceived
This is your brain
and this is your brain on Fox news
you are insane
if you buy their sell-out truth

Don't be stoopid now!

Just like the (R)ecording (I)ndustry (A)ssholes of (A)merica
They promote mass ignorance cause that's what floats their aerials

Don't let them turn you into legion of stoopid
Don't let them turn you into drones
Right now, knowledge is the one weapon
that you can not throw away
Or else we all will pay