Friendster Is Sooo 2 Month Ago Testo

Testo Friendster Is Sooo 2 Month Ago

Fuck your fake smiles

Fuck your lies

Fuck your vanity

Fuck your snide ways

Never getting involved 'cause you might take the fall
Do you ever think for your fucking self at all?

Following your leaders with the words that you speak

don't you realize that they are the tongues in your cheek?

The day will come when you're alone and your so-called friends won't be found

We're the ones who will still be going strong while you realize that you were wrong

Another footsoldier in an army of clones,"style": yeah, "substance": no,

flesh without bones.

You can look down on us, we don't give a fuck

Because: We're not like you. We don't need you.
We just hate you.

Fuck you