Keepin It Real Testo

Testo Keepin It Real

The Real, The Real
That's what's up

Something's changed
Surprised it ain't me
But, I guess that I'm to blame
All we had was this
Unsigned means you were in agreement
But, it seems like I was gained
[Mid Section]
Talkin' fly
'Cause in your mind
Way more than what you really need
So, I'ma be honest and hope you do the same
Over time, Emotions climb
Felt that this was more than a fling
But, we both know you'll never get a ring

I won't apologize for keepin' it real
'Cause that's how I feel, my baby
'Cause the whole time baby, you knew the deal
I won't apologize for tellin' the truth, tellin' the truth
See, I'ma do me and you do you

That's what's up

All this pressure cause I'm not what you want me to be
But, see we ain't bound to change
Care because
No need coping a plea
I rarely be the case

[Repeat Mid Section]

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat The Real and That's What's up]