Wake Up Testo

Testo Wake Up

So I was relaxing at the spot,
And some dude came through and was like,
“Yo you got flows?!”
I was like,
“Of course”
And I asked him if he rhymed,
And he was like,
“Only when I’m off this sizzurp!”
I love to rap.
I don’t even care if you’re whack.
You got, flows and a beat, we can do that.
He was like,
“Ok, but you go first.”
So I spit an unedited spontaneous improvisational verse,
And we were chillin'.
Then this fool grabbed the mic and was like,
“Yea I be killin',
Stackin' millions,
Eatin' children.
Fuck a slut bitch.”
I interrupted his ignorant ass and said,
“Unless you’re trying to sound like Brother Lynch on sherm,
Stick the microphone you need to pass.
You don’t got a Bentley,
I just heard you talkin' about your bus pass.”
He said,
“Fool you don’t know me! I’m crazy blood! …? Just ask my homies.
I jack white boys like you.”
I replied, “You’re white too.”
He said “Honky I wear FUBU! I’ll fight you! Let’s go head up!”
I told him, “My man slow your roll, peep the flow and just wake up.”

Use your mentality, wake up to reality X4

So I was talking to one of my teachers and they asked me what kind of music I made,
And I said, “Hip Hop, I’m an MC and I make beats.”
And he laughed and he’s like,
“Mm, you must be like Eminem.”
First of all, hip hop is my life.
My culture, my blood, and me being white,
Doesn’t have anything to do with my skills.
He said, “Oh you’re like Will Smith, Puff Daddy, dollar dollar bill bill?”
Na bro.
Never associate me with Eminem, bling blingers, R&B singers,
I’m just sendin' out words that the youth can relate to
So they can stay faithful.
Themselves they regulate when ignorant people degrade you.
You should respect one another, you’re a teacher,
And still haven’t learned you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.
He said, “Oh I’m sorry brother, calm down homie, don’t bust a cap in me, word to your mother.”
I tried to help my teacher see the light
But ignorance leaves people in the dark seeing only black and white.
I looked him in the eyes and told him straight up,
You can’t teach if you don’t listen,
Open your eyes and just wake up.


So I was at the bus stop kicking a beat box,
And started conversing with some lady about music,
And she asked me if it was true that,
“All people have guns, smoke blunts, and drink forties in hip hop?”
So I told her,
“Don’t believe everything that you hear.
The news associates acculturate violence and fear,
Fear extorts fear.
Hip hop is universal,
A positive outlet with energy flowing through the circle expressing souls without rehearsal.
A conscious movement in tune with,
The mental physical spiritual side of the music.
It’s about love,
Unfortunately it’s stereotyped as a culture that’s based upon thugs.
Hip hop is not about guns,
And like all cultures, yes some hip hop heads do drugs.
That’s not even relevant.
In moderation, drugs can actually open eyes and expand the elements.
I’ve come closer to my ancestor’s remnants,
Scripting my life through the force of their spiritual presence.
I use my lyrics as the evidence.
You question hip hop’s drug use?
You should be questioning the President’s.