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witty banter [ what's this song called chuck? this song's called "girls are evil" what's it about? what's it about - jeez ] three lonely brothers from santa nez bought themselves some instruments o, they thought up a name and learned to play when they the heard the pathetic club songs they wrote more, possibly 24 but i dunno maybe less i said they called into their local pretty girls are mine but they drink shitty coffe dribbling down my chin but there i'll find the titty and tell me what i told you twice this is shiittty one named chuck, one named ed one named todd but he wasnt that bad because he was the drummer in this great rock n roll band i know a lot of people thought they're shit but hey man, what if they get hit? yeah, that'll put santa nez on the map well ed he did it lax all over molly's tits [chuck fucks up and forgets the words]