Cannibal Superstar Testo

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Testo Cannibal Superstar

My bed demonica, you make the angels fall
Abuse my flesh and wreck my soul

Whatcha do when the darkness calls?
Where you go in the silvery night?
I wish I could be your next bite
With eyes that burns like fire
You melt my brains away
Le plus meilleure pour le gourmet

You've got to eat, eat, eat me up alive
Here's a supply you can't refuse
Will you eat, eat, eat me up alive?
You never can go too far, you're my cannibal superstar

It seems like now or never
Cuz we're living much too fast
And you know that nothing's ever gonna last
You're my bad girl coronation
Please show me secret sins
That's love deluxe limb for limb