Killer Testo

Testo Killer

one more distorted mind a victim of vietnam
canal back to the society out of the green hill
forgot a word called love
forgot a word called peace
and how the fuck he should care?
he saw the hell on earth
don't care about questions,don't care about lies
a man without feelings forgot how to cry
he hears the angels sing in heaven
and the devils screams in hell
godless fucking man who don't give a damn
he's a killer
the bitter taste of napalm sticks on his tongue
nightmares about burning babies after the work was done
and what the fuck he was fighting for nobody knows
the price he paid was his life and this was too high
don't care about questions...
in his dark clouded brain the war still goes on
he grabs the machine gun hits the road to have some fun
a dark clouded brain, machine guns and war
he hits the road goes out to have some fun
don't care about questions...
the mornings nice the sun shines so bright
and the news tells about the massacre last night
a maniac killed 70 people so far
just another victims of the goddamned war
don't care about questions...
killer killer killer outside of the society