Acoustic Guitar Testo

Testo Acoustic Guitar

acoustic guitar, i'm gonna make you a star
get your picture all over the world
acoustic guitar, you can have your own car
just bring me back my girl

she always loved the sound of your strum
you made her think maybe I wasn't so dumb
she tends to faint at the sound of a drum, cause she's folk
so play and maybe she'll come
acoustic guitar, how lovely you are
with your inlays of mother of pearl
be a good guitar and you can go far
just bring me back my girl

she always said that you were the one
that could make her move her cute little bum
you understand where shes coming from
which I obviously dont
or she wouldnt be gone

acoustic guitar, if you think I play hard
well you could have belonged to steve earle, or charo or gwar,
I could sell you tommorow
so bring me back my girl
you better bring me back my girl