Flow Testo

Traduzione di Flow bandiera italia

Testo Flow

I woke up to find the earth was round one day
And all around the world now, things began to change
Never had I ever seen the sun
Rise that way above the day to greet the dawn

And the earth shook beneath my feet
And the storm raged through the night
And I lost all that I had won
Oh but I flowed like the river
Flow o o o ohh
Flow wo wo ooh

So you think you got it all figured out
All this money in the bank and women all about
Well now whatcha gonna do when your ship starts to sink?
Caught in a monstrous sea and you won't be able to think

Yeah and it's there you'll learn what I know
That all of this world will fade
You gotta learn to let it all go
Oh and flow like the river

Flow o o o ohh
Flow wo wo ohh