Side Effects (Remix) Testo

Testo Side Effects (Remix)

(feat. Busta Rhymes)

Get rid of that stress, rub it off girl,
You don't really need that, brush it off girl,
Like you ain't really going back anytime you breaking at, and you don't need to cut it of girl,
Real talk baby, know I feel your pain,
Let me lift your strength cause it would kill your brain,
I ain't really got to say no name,
Even I was going through the same old thang,
Little situation that would probably make you insane,
Watch you get a little bored up at the loss of the game,
The side effect would probably make you bug just a little bit while you go through it and you had a little shame,

But I'ts alright, I'ts okay.!
See now I'm a get know I know my way,
Real slow, I'm a take it day by day,
I remember what my mama used to say,
Stand up straight,
Hold your head high,
Sky is the limit, so reach for the sky,
Live to the fullest little baby don't cry,
Don't matter what they trying to do fly baby fly.
Now that I'm good I'm a reach for the next,
While I see the world different from my new specs.
On everything that I love with all due respect,
I say we moves on minus the side effects.