Someone To Hold Testo

Testo Someone To Hold

I was alone Until you came and brought the sunshine I was afraid But in your love I found peace of mind I was so blind You opened my eyes and now I can see I know that you understand me baby You're all a woman should be And it's you baby That gets me to tomorrow And it's you baby That takes away my sorrow When you lie close to me In my heart I believe We'll always be together And there ain't nobody better Our love will last forever I finally found CHORUS: Someone to hold Girl you're my everything To call my own Every single day of my life I'm not alone You take me in and make me whole again Whenever you smile Oh baby my world is filled with laughter I look in your eyes And honey my heart and soul are captured With the touch of your hand You start a fire burning And there'll never be another Now that we've got each other Oh girl You make my life seem brighter 'Cause you take me And lift me up higher Oh baby Your loving feels so right Take my breath away Every time you say You'll love me for the rest of your life