Love Has Given Up Testo

Testo Love Has Given Up

We are through with talk and touching
We're feeling nothing nothing
You can circle all around us the wall
Is where you found us. Shame does not come right right off me.
I'm too much of yesterday's coffee, but something warm is
Something better when you're breaking hearts.

Love has given up on us. Times and troubles just wash right over us.
Love has given up on us.
On a clear day you say you can see Michigan from
Jones Island. Save the romance for emotions that you saw on TV
Once, it just broke your heart.


Knotted up in t-shirts, black and blue jeans
We'll remember this: this was easy to forget.


Smart boys go out rebel waltzing sitting still
Is still insulting. We just circle all
Around ourselves, and break our breaking hearts.


Love has given up