Reach The Sky Testo

Testo Reach The Sky

Once I was in the lost in found
Could not see the light
Living my life up in the clouds
And thinking I was right

But I was going downhill faster then an avalanche
Headed straight into disaster
Waiting for a crash

When a little voice said follow me
A brand new life in 1, 2, 3


First you gotta hit your knees
Second thing is ask him please
Come into my heart
Give me a brand new start
Three just follow him you'll see
How wonderful his life can be
And sing along this melody
Love in 1, 2, 3

You won't believe the change in me
I'm shining like the sun
He's made me so happy
Now that he's #1
You ask me what my secret is
And here is the good news
This love was sent for all of us and it's waiting there for you


It Doesn't get much easier then this
You don't even know it yet
But you're already his
It doesn't get much easier then this

Another day
Another empty promise
Washed away
Without at least a warning
Scars remain
They whisper of your story
And now you're breaking

But the storm can never keep you down
If you hold on - you can overcome it now
On your knees is where it turns around
Cause a shell must break before a bird can fly
You can reach the sky

When the wind is blowing hard against you,
You can stand like the highest tower
Please believe you may not know the reason
But it will make you stronger


When it seems like all you've got
is failure and hope is lost
there's a break through in the distance...