He's Mine Testo

Testo He's Mine

Guess were half way there now

How quickly time comes around

Its six o'clock

That where I can be found

And what's to show?
Nothing much of which I'm proud

And if voices speak for me

They're probably far too loud

And if I see you in that place

If I see you face to face

Faithful servants not the line

1 Just want to here you say 'he's mine'
2 If they ask you would you say 'he's mine'
3 All I need to here you say is 'he's mine'

Tell me sir, did you feel like giving up on me?

Tell me sir, did you turn your back so you couldn't see?

I could not blame you, I would have no retort

I get tired too, of things I've bought

Am I ready to follow through

Am I ready to follow you

As far as the east is from the west

Do you forgive and forget the thing that I do best?