Scene III - Androgynie Somnium Testo

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Testo Scene III - Androgynie Somnium

I am Lustricia (hermaphrodite), and I will guide you through my fantasies...
On the eve of this winter day, let the gates of Hell burst open...

... Angelique lost control as he grasped her crotch
She could feel him get aroused. He said:
'Get down now and suck my cock seraph!'
'Who the fuck do you think you are?
Shut your mouth you goddamn fuck and kiss her cunt instead!'
'As you wish my Seductress...'
'Make me soothe my pleasures,
Fulfill my fantasy!
Urge me, through oblivious climax
I crave for more ecstasy!'

Fantasy begins...

Unreality flared as tongue met cunt
Excretions dripped down her inner thighs
Cock stiffened with every heart beat
While Lustricia prepared her contraptions...

Lustricia strangled Servaticus, the sexual slave, as he sucked at Angelique...
The razor wire ripped through his neck as he craved for even more pain.
So she called Centaurus and lashed at him to do her will...
So he galloped towards Servaticus and fucked him deep behind, while
Angelique spread her glorious wings with ecstasy and delight...

Lustricia burst into dreadful laughter
As Servaticus shrieked with ordeal,
Centaurus overflowed with satisfaction,
Spilling his seed all over Angelique's blonde locks

Indulging into solitary bliss,
Lustricia reveled in carving the slave's back
As she pulled at Centaurus' organ with her teeth
Angelique licked the blood that had been spilled
And this implausible deed invoked Daemon from deep within the pits of Hades...
He approached Angelique and slid his hand into her cunt,
His talons ripped through raw flesh and her entrails.
His hand slipped in up to the elbow,
Her body writhed and bulged with pain and
She shrieked as best as she could when his hand emerged right through her mouth.
At Lustricia's command he pulled with all his might and Angelique fell to the ground: Pounds of flesh turned inside out!

'Now shut your mouth and fuck me deep'
'Give me more of this pleasure...'
'Feast on me!'

Lustricia lashed her whip on the heap of meat that lay on the ground...
It was then that the flesh rose from the ground and mutated into the freak of nature.
Belua came to life for him!
Incongruous bulging limbs reached for him,
Daemon let his being go
Orgiastic pleasures gorged the entire place in blood
Belua spasmed in solace for she had slain the Beast!

Fantasy was done!

... Lustricia embraced belua in a lustful clutch,
Belua's heads swung limply in ecstasy...
Servaticus was called to join in with them and obeyed Lustricia's dreams.
Belua spread her legs for more comfort and cried out when
Lustricia penetrated her cunt...

Post orgasmic pleasures commenced
Fantasies endured for gaiety
Servaticus tried to cope with all of Belua's cunts
With some help from the Dominatrix herself.

Rapture of the freak severed her into three unique beauties
Who environed the remaining driving them through climaxing epilogue
All of them were satisfied with what took place and they rested in
Eternal Bliss...

While, the blood dripped in the room,
The blood of the sinful participants,
Limbs entangled, orifices got filled
With the waters of life...
Entwined, for the rest of the night...