Eurochild Testo

Testo Eurochild

3Dsitting in my day care, wall is day-glo painted.blessed by the drinkupon the corner ???chased by the planethaunted by the mediumtoo high to flow toward to break the tediumglow from my tv set is blue like neonactivated the remote I put the BBC oni've seen this city somewherei'm looking out for no-onepilot in my eye it gets blue like neonTrickyhell is round the corner where i shelterisms and schisms we're living helter skelterif you believe i deceive then common sense says shall you receivelet me take you down the corridors of my lifeand when you walk, do you walk to your preferenceno need to answer till i take further evidencei seem to need reference to get residencea reference to your preference to say i'm a good neighbouri trudge so judge me for my labouri walk in a bar and immediately sense dangeryou look at me, girl, as if i was some kind of aa total stranger3Dhysterical, ecstatical, automatic ???have to get a drink, i go to relaxupon phono, no go zone i go throughaching aways just to relocate youkill us with your fistnow baby mix it with meyou see me function better when i get approximatelyhigh by my technical flybyi function better with the sun in my eyesso goodbyeTrickytake a second of me you beckon i'll beand when you're sad i'll mournand when you tear i'm torntake a second of me (x2)i stand firm for our soillick a rock on foilso reduce me, seduce medress me up in stussyshow me and i'll stick emwill you be my victimtake a second of me3Dmad over you, mad over me, an analogybaby taking up up all of my stationarysitting in my daycare, mediocre paintedcolliding with the jamuntil the drink got datedwindow when they go when they go boom??? of my roomno sense you can trust meclimb on my sofa roll in a daydreamspliff make daddy go sleep-a-trip dream