City Lights Testo

Testo City Lights

(feat. Bun B)

I'm rollin' in my ride, my eyes real chinky
Hit 145, bout like 12 twinkies
Today a good day, I know don't jinx it
I will keep a smith, just like J Pinkett
Baby without blinkin, I do it my way
I shit on folks, the opposite of R.K
I'm rude pardon me, I'm too hood doc
On your mind all the time, like new E.R.A
Who am I
That nigga to fly
My mama gave birth on Continental Airlines
I ain't lyin'
I'm back boy, you hit the backboard
I'm all swish make a memo on your blackboard
This class here nigga is for the underground
UGK, Doc & Meth lockin the summer down
And I ain't playin' games homie, so get it right
Cause I get Toed up under city lights, I I get Toed up under city lights

[Method Man:]
Yo, I dropped in 95, now I'm on 95
South in the dirty been ridin' dirty since dirty died
I guess you dirty my nigga, heard me I'm certified
And when I ride I'm with Reggie Noble, New Jersey drive
I make it happen homie, I take you back when I was wearin pony
And the older niggas be snappin on me
How many rapper know me? I know a cash on
Face is the game I take it, and Holy matrimony
And now can't nothin hold me, I fucks with UGK
Some dudes are more like Kobe, I'm more like [? ]
You either in it pimpin'or you just in the way
I love this life that I'm livin', your shit can end today
Two things to know about me, I guess I neva change
And keep this money like Southern Cali, it never rain
See, I ain't playin games with ya, so get it right
And I get Toed up under city lights, I I get Toed up up on the city lights

[Bun B:]
Yeah, UGK 4 Life
R.I.P. to da Pimp
For the king of the trill is up in this bitch
Drop the top and I hit the switch
You see my leather seats tuck and stich
Texas niggas, we gettin rich
Fuck a hater man, fuck a snitch
G code nigga we don't love the po po
No more swag man, pass the do do
We keep it super tight like pants in SoHo?
I'm bout my Doe hoe so don't play with my bread man
I been tryin' to stop the violence nowadays so instead
I'm popin' a truck and grabbin that chopper with an AK to your head
I'd rather be layin up in tha bed with you baby and makin head
Yeah, my Cadillac cold candy painted drippin like burnin dick
My steerin' wheel is wood grain I grip it and turn it quick
I'm ridin 4s both black and yellow stripes like a Steeler
And as far as rims go, I'm a 84 wheeler
A slab peller when I mash out in the cadi lean
And back up on leather man I'm smoking on a fatty
It's UGK 4 Life if you ain't know you'd better get it right
(Why?) I get Tore up under city lights, I I get tore up on the city lights