I Believe In Me, You Should Too, Believe In You Testo

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Testo I Believe In Me, You Should Too, Believe In You

I believe in me, you should too, believe in you
They don't like it when they see a nigga win
And so believe in you... believe in you!
I am the dopest rapper rapping, you can't tell me nothing whether they applauding lording or they clapping whether they are caught in cap or dapping[?] If they front I'll stump without their backing yeah
10 years I've been knocking, snapping
I've been styling I am not a fashion
Every outing I've been bringing cash in
This is intellect in action, sweat and passion
I don't know Pusha-T but if he ever heard about me then he should be honoured to be mentioned in the same breath as an African myth, a legend, living king of the mic now shouldn't he?
I know my place in history
I know you pissed at me for listing me
As king to B.I.G, Pac, Em and Jay-Z
All praise unto to them, I'm just into me
As we all should be, if you don't agree
It don't halt and pit, slow or alter me
Fire in my heart, alka-seltzer please
Where's the tent of gold? this is alchemy
Fate and irony that ain't faulting[?] me
Cause once my self-esteem was low as low can be
Then I caught the glimpse of older me
Yxng Dxnzl has come, set the culture free
You should want to be all you're called to be
They don't want to see it, ask DJ Khaled
All they do is speak, say I would not reach
Call you from the peak; "yes I made it bitch!"
So tell me what I need approval for?
Shit about to change it's a coup d'état
Who would've thought those who were rooting for you
Would shoot at you, try to get you to cool it off
Cause they don't believe, huh
I believe in you, you should too, believe in you
Yeah, believe in you

My friends told me like
"I would have conversations with my dad."
Told my dad, I said
"how come you don't love me anymore?"
And he said "what do you mean?"
I said "you used to carry me all the time
And now you're carrying... you're carrying Jesse."
You were abandoned
You felt abandoned and betrayed and let down
"you don't love me anymore."
And that... that can be a moment of terrible process for children
So there you are in your lovely little world
You're the shining star
You're the apple of your mother's eye
Possibly your father's too
But you're... you're it, you're the one
And all of a sudden your world is shattered
And that! That can be a moment of terrible process for children and it does stay with us on some level unconsciously and you're busy trying to reclaim the attention and reclaim that I am important, I am lovable and I'm not on the edge and I haven't been abandoned
It's... it often sets up a deep emotion hunger inside one (hmm) that you live with for the rest of your life sometimes