Millionaira Champagne Testo

Testo Millionaira Champagne

Baby can I hav ur fone digit,so maybe u can com kick it no dey form busy,u knw dat we re nt togeda we can run gidi,we talkin didididi don dididi don diggy...whatever u thinkn u want baby com get it, Am big hommie lik a sean diddy or maybe sean carter, I rhyme harder, explosiv lik a gun powder, am killing d beat tellin d producer to make d drums louder,they talkin funny money,they makin it rain am makin a tsunami mammy, u gun it, I got produced by ron ndani, am on my grown ish they talkin childish,they talkin barny, they mak d boiz even concern me , all dis single ladies, now put ur hands up, and evn if u gat a man but who is bankrupt, stand up, ladies , welcom to d millionaire fan clubs,....I got it covered prompt lik a tank top.., cos she's style homie, and if u lik it then u shld hav hustle hard for it..and gat a job for it,and bought a car for it, and girls if he don really stand up and den d sample is simple, the nigger he lik a pitbull, me am jst dead on mak him swallow lik a dimple, I gat d fundamental,call it fundamental, president ,chatterd outcast on presdiential..hehe...Got money on my pocket and I dorminate d market and I alwys stay on top wen we rockin, u gat me actin me cocky,I reverse d bently to its sponsor he is to see the Chairman written on d license wen am parkin,
Even as a little kid, ever since I was ver sick I didn't think that I will be very rich by the age of 26 by 28 the money raid,I was gettin exhilirated, bcos of how I penerated d industry in ventilate
Respirate d less debate, investigate d best in mates is movin into degenerate, some extra cake,am all lik 50mill is jst an estimate. And am jst droppin shows my ur boy is jst off d bay
I told u rappers now u re makin bridge
Am keri branks ur fuckin (effin) big . Fresh bouy burner wth d geez out,
U re lik an exit sign,u want a way out,
Am feelin lik I jst began a new life,mostly shld hav spend over ur head my nigger boom mike, makin more millions wth M.I is true right? Story for d gods my nigga tales by moonlight...