If You?d Only Testo

Testo If You?d Only

If you?d only make up your mind Well you like coffee sweet And I drink whiskey neat And it knocks me off my feet That you?re so cool But you live in the groove Planning every move But I don?t live by anybody?s rulesBridge So if you wonder if I want you And is it time to say goodbye And if you think that I don?t need you Well that?s a lie Chorus Cause it ain?t right to go But if you do well I want you to know That leaving me on my own would be unkind And it?s alright to stay I think it might be better that way We?d be together everyday and every night If you?d only make up your mindWell you like pink champagne And wishing you had fame Well I just like the sunshine on my face You always want the most To be first past the post Well I?m quiet happy taking second place Bridge Chorus Bridge Chorus 2x If you?d only make up your mind