Business And Pleasure Testo

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Testo Business And Pleasure

I think I'm ready to go out again
I think I'm ready to come around
I met somebody in the studio
And all I'm thinking 'bout is him right now
Not even tired, pass me the lighter
[?], we pull an all nighter
Business and pleasure, we did it together
I can see love again, ain't seen love in forever

This is wrong, I know
This can't go right, you know
We can't mix business with pleasure
They just don't go together
But this song I wrote
It feels so right, you know
When you give me the business
It don't feel like it's business

You must be a one of one
'Cause it's a none of none
It should never happen when the summer comes
Niggas never cuff it when the summer comes
We did and I be this dumb
Only think of [?] come
Oh God, look at what I've done
I just [?]

Oh woah, woah, woah
Oh woah, woah, woah
Oh woah, woah, woah
Oh woah, woah, woah

I think I'm ready to tell you about
The name I'm currently leaving out
'Cause I know that you looking, know that you watch me
Know if you watching, you'll probably something
I know you feel it, might do the distance
Your intuition is always right so-
No need for me to name drop
That ain't gon' make the pain stop
No one ever make the pain stop
No one ever make the rain stop
Rain drop, rain drop
Dance in the rain, stop

Why you texting him from my phone?
He ain't never gonna leave me alone
Why you doin' that? That ain't even cool
He gon' think it's me, he ain't gonna it's you
What we gonna do?
He gon' know I got a new
He gon' know that I got a new
Got a new, got a new, got a new