The Way It Should Be Testo

Testo The Way It Should Be

We pulled up; our coats on...
cause once we get out, it'll be
the only way we have of staying warm;
my thoughts were left at the back door;
you slipped on them, hit the wood floor
and foolishly, I helped you up;
and carried you to the stairs, but they
broke from the weight of our conversation;
we fell through the ground and into the basement;
the laundry broke our fall; strategically placed
because I planned on this the night before.

so you wait a few days
before you take it off
cause it all feels so strange
without our pictures on your wall
because I belong to you
and you belong to me
and thats the way it should be

we took off our coats
cause we finally realized
that it's not the weather
that was making us feel cold.
my thoughts still left at the back door
and you still bothering me for
not looking you straight in the eyes,
but I'm not this time;
so I looked right through
you to the passing trees
and focused on just one;
you asked 'why is everything
so different after dark?'
I told you this once, but
you took it with a grain of salt