Painted Whore Testo

Testo Painted Whore

You're a painted whore, i can't lie
He walks in, you suck him dry
you're face is white, your neck is brown
put more on you fucking clown

give him a hug,
shits on your sleeve
his quickies done, you're asked to leave
draw on your brows with that black pen
he rates you one
he rates me ten

blush brush
don't touch
hey painted whore,
put on some more.

you look like trash
you piece of shit
talk that crack and you'll get hit
get him off with your tongue
back down bitch
you're fucking done

you're just a slut, its plain to see
as you're staring at him from your knees
your task is done, get outside
back to your corner, you have no pride

chorus 2x

step off with all that hype
i'm only in it for play, oh
she's just an easy fuck
and what, that's good enough?

(MM)she spreads it, i extend it
(MM)then send her on her way, oh
(MM)it's just that simple girl
(M)ugh, i think i'm gonna hurl

loose like a wizard sleeve
can you say STD's?
she's a whore, i know you see
cause now you're looking right at me

damn girl, you're lookin fine
damn boy, good pick up line.
common girl let's hit the floor
huh right, go get your whore

(chorus) 4x