Jolly Testo

Testo Jolly

Hey Franny let's go out tonight
And have fun all night
You and me at the disco
Till the break of down

Hey Debby who's our DJ?
He is Molly good Jolly
He can rock all night
Turn the tables right
Good Jolly Molly
Hear him scratch the tables from right to left
He can make you sweat in the disco
All night and day any hour of the day

Music power music every hour
Music power music every hour
Sound sound use your mouth to shout
Sound sound everybody scream with me

Molly Molly let me hear the sound
Molly Molly let me sing your song tonight
Poro poro poro ro ro ro ro
Ahh ooh

The DJ's inside my mind
Close your eyes and listen to the sound
Having fun until the morning sun
Play the music and bring me joy tonight