Girlz Nite Out Testo

Testo Girlz Nite Out

(feat. Lina Santiago)

[Hook: Lina Santiago]
All the ladies
You know that it's Friday night
We're gonna just be good
So, we gotta do this right
It's time we hit the club

[Verse 1: Monteloco]
How can a thug look so crisp and clean
I hit the scene with the diamond pinky ring
Monteloco and Steve, you see, attack like vultures
Blame it on the yak
And the rap culture
If I got a girl or not
Don't trip
Ya out with ya girls
I'm out with my clique
We can do this every
Fin de semana
Trips to Encenada
Ain't nada

[Chorus: Lina Santiago]
Papi, I'm feeling you
Right here, right now
Tonight, I'm mobbing with my crew
It's girls night out
Tell me what you wanna do
What are you
Tonight, I'm mobbing with my crew
It's girls night out

[Verse 2:]
You should've never let ya dame out
She's about to wild out
On girl's night out
I run with the vampires and the night owls/Knightowl's
Hit the honies up and say, "That's a nice blouse"
After the club, bunny, let's bounce to my house
Hit the hypnotic, then it's
Lights out
Send her back at 3:30
She's dirty
Next day, you forgive honey, cause she's pretty
She's pretty


[Verse 3:]
Drunk in the club
My vision is blurry
But I can see cleary
Baby, come near me
I'm a grown up, lookin' for a donut
(???) the glaze on and put the blaze on, and I
Treat 'em like dame piece, even though they five-piece
We just drunk, tryna get our thang sucked
Mad at ya boyfriend
Yo soy el vato
Sneak up into mom's crib, hit her in the quarto



Yeah, mija
You get some of your friends
And I get some of my friends and
You know the rest
Lina Santiago