Hope Testo

Testo Hope

The only thing we need is hope.

I can see that something's missing.
I can tell that you're aware.
I can feel your intuition.
It is following you everywhere.

We can shelter one another,
From the storm up in the sky
Take my hand and you'll discover
It'll pass us by.

This storm will pass us by.

When it feels like we're broken,
and it's falling all apart.
Throw it all into the ocean,
'Cause I think that we forgot.

If we turn around this failure,
We can show them what we've got.
This is what I know,
The only thing we need is hope.

It's not more than we can handle,
When the darkness fills a dream.
Strike a match and light a candle,
Find the road back to recovery.

We can take care of each other,
There's a storm up in the sky.
Take my hand and you'll discover,
It'll pass us by.

It's all we need.
The hope will set us free.